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At The Manuscript Queen, we know the importance of storytelling. As a brand, entrepreneur, coach, or individual people connect with your story in a unique way. Your story sets you apart and catapults you into the center of the world. 

With a bestselling book, our goal at The Manuscript Queen is to help you tell your story authentically. With a bestselling book, you will generate leads. increase sales, and become an authority in your industry.

  The Manuscript Queen can guide and help you to:

  • Write an exceptional nonfiction book (especially self-help, how-to, business & more).
  • Break through writing blocks.
  • Access your creativity to write powerfully.
  • Develop the habits of a productive writer who starts and finishes their work.
  • Write a book proposal to attract a publisher.
  • Edit your book proposal and, when appropriate, Lisa can contact agents or publishers on your behalf.
  • Grow your author platform to meet publishers' and agents' requirements.

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