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Premium Ghostwriting Services to Flourish Your Career as An Author

We provide a class of services in the field of ghostwriting, book designing and marketing through topnotch research, ideation and a great commitment to produce the best for the benefit of authors like you.

We are devoted to helping entrepreneurs and authors like you sharpen your message, multiply your following, and accelerate your path to prosperity. Let's play! Are you an author in need of book editing, manuscript evaluation or ghostwriting services? Are you an organization in need of copywriting, content writing and white papers?

You’ve come to the right place!

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Our Unbeatable Writing Process – A Path

to Achieve Global Success

Manuscript Queen Ghostwriting services incorporate everything you need to transform your unique ideas into a skillfully drafted and published book, while also offering expert advice about the publishing industry.

Express Yourself Clearly and Meaningfully

I provide expert ghostwriting services. From fiction to nonfiction, I help authors with novels, biographies, memoirs, historical books, devotionals, and more. Scroll down to the slider below and see a sampling of clients who have trusted me with their manuscripts and became published authors in the process. I’m proud to share these book editing and ghostwriting projects and promote their work. You can view their feedback here —these wonderful testimonials mean everything to me!

It takes courage and perseverance to complete a manuscript. Perhaps you have great ideas but aren’t sure how to develop them. Maybe you’ve hit a wall. I can help! I work with emerging authors, as well as new writers, struggling writers, and even non-writers. Together, we’ll create your masterpiece.


When it comes to publishing your book online, are you scratching your head? If so, this book is for you! Filled with actionable steps and resources for new authors. Aspiring authors will love the easy-to-read guide and boost their confidence along the way. Learn the essential tools for marketing your book online, attracting readers, and converting your followers into avid loyal readers.

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