Book Coach, Publishing Expert,  Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and "The Book Whisper"

Minolta is an inspiring ghostwriter and book coach, author of Who Wants To Become A Bestselling Author? and How To Pen, Publish, and Promote : A Self Publishing Guide For Success , As "The BookWhisper" Minolta Walker is known for helping visionaries, experts, entrepreneurs, creatives, healing professionals, therapists, coaches and people from all walks of life access their juiciest ideas, write in a state of flow and do their finest work. Minolta has contributed a chapter to The Dating Game for Brown Girls Publishing. Minolta also goes by the pen name M.C.Walker where she writes contemporary fiction novels and self-help memoirs. Her titles include Pieces Of Me: Things I've Learned Along The Way.

Minolta helps with all aspects of book writing from creating the concept to publishing your bestseller. She has specialized in helping writers from various backgrounds launch their books into podcasts and writing workshops.