Collaborating With

A Ghostwriter

Like anything worth doing, writing your memoirs or business book starts with simply taking the first step, but in what direction? When you do things on your own, the process is quite different. When you work with a ghostwriter there are factors that are out of your immediate control; you have to trust a very important job with someone else. You are essentially collaborating with a guide and you want to insure that guide has shepherded many people down the same path you are about to embark upon. 

Trust is essential and experience is vital but in this case, it is also important that you like your guide. That first step begins with that all important first conversation between the two of us. Assuming we get along well and like each other over the phone, the next step is to meet in person.

In that first phone conversation, I will answer any and all questions you have. You will find out how “sellable” your story might be. You’ll find out what it will cost, how long it will take, exactly how each step proceeds, what interviewing is all about, what style I feel your story deserves, and a host of other important elements that form this unique collaboration between two creative and determined people.

How Do We Work Together?

If you like what you’ve heard, I will travel anywhere in the U.S. and Canada to meet you. You pay the airfare and hotel for a two-day stay and I give you two days of my life and my undivided attention. 

Caveat: During this time of covid, travel and face-to-face meetings may not be advisable. However, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and telephone interviews work quite well. I am open to discussion.

During this face-to-face meeting, we will talk about your story, begin to develop an outline and a plan, and get to know each other even more. We can meet at your office, at your home or you can visit me in Georgia. I will give you a copy of my “sample” agreement and I will outline every step of the process.